Hiring Hebden Bridge Picture House

Welcome to Hebden Bridge Picture House, a delightful venue nestled in the heart of a picturesque Pennine market town. With its spacious auditorium accommodating 527 guests, including 8 wheelchair users, coupled with outstanding customer service provided by our front of house and tech teams, our unique and historic cinema is the perfect space for a variety of events.

Whether you’re a member of our vibrant community planning a private screening, organising a training session or hosting a celebration; or a corporate professional arranging a presentation, meeting, or looking for a filming location, The Picture House has got you covered.

When you hire our venue, you’re choosing a unique building in its character, style, and location. You’ll have access to the inviting foyer, convenient restroom facilities, and the auditorium. Depending on the number of attendees, the hire may also include the balcony seating area. We also provide a versatile demountable stage, available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service, provided by our experienced front of house and tech teams, ensures that your event runs smoothly.

To enhance your experience, we offer the use of our digital projector, cinema sound system, and screen. If you’re feeling peckish or thirsty, our kiosk offers a tempting selection of drinks and snacks. Be sure to inquire about our guest package options and competitive prices.

For your convenience, we have four wired microphones and two roaming microphones available, along with our cinema sound system. Please note that while our sound system is great for most purposes, it’s not suitable for live music. If you’re planning a music event, you may need to hire a full PA system. Additionally, we have a fantastic 24-channel front-of-house lighting rig to illuminate the stage or the carpeted area in front of the screen.

At The Picture House, we prioritise creating a warm and accommodating environment for community members and corporate professionals alike. Feel free to reach out to us about any specific requirements you may have, including outside catering options for food. We’re here to make your experience truly memorable!

Contact us by emailing manager(at)hebdenbridgepicturehouse.co.uk

Our hire charges are set out below.


These charges relate to events taking place between the 1st April 2021 and March 31st 2022, occurring when the cinema would not usually be open for screenings / event cinema. These off-peak times are:

Monday to Wednesday & Friday: 9am – 7pm
Thursday: 2pm – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm
Sunday: 11am – 1pm

Number of guests 1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 9 Hours
0 – 50 £200 £350 £500 £650 £1,300
50-100 £250 £437.50 £625 £812.50 £1,625
100-280 £300 £525 £750 £975 £1,950
280-500 £350 £612.50 £875 £1,137.50 £2,275

• The prices given for off-peak hire are all inclusive of staff, to the appropriate staffing level, based on the number of attendees.
• Second and subsequent hours are charged at 75% of first hour’s hire fee.
• Full day rate of 9 hours charged at the cost of 8 hours.
• The non-commercial hire rate (see below) entitles to hirer to a 30% discount on these off-peak hire fees. Eligibility for the non-commercial rate must be demonstrated at the time of hire request.

Non-commercial hire rate – 30% discount on the off-peak hire rates shown above – eligibility:
1. Non-commercial hirers include amateur organisations, community groups (such as musical groups, amateur performers, youth groups), local interest groups, voluntary organisations, schools, colleges, universities, and registered charities.
2. Groups and enterprises that are not registered charities should be run on a not-for-profit basis (as evidenced by their constitution.)
3. Events organised by educational establishments must be non-commercial in nature and purpose to fall within this category.


These charges relate to events taking place between the 1st April 2021 and March 31st 2022, occurring when the cinema would otherwise be open for screenings / event cinema. Please note that weekend evening bookings are accepted at the management’s discretion, due to their impact on cinema programming. Peak times are generally:

Monday to Wednesday & Friday: 7pm to midnight
Thursday: 9am to 2pm & 7pm to midnight
Saturday: 1pm to midnight
Sunday: 1pm to midnight

Monday to Thursday evenings & Thursday mornings
During fit-up and rehearsals (minimum 1 hour per day): £60 per hour
For the event (minimum 4 hours hire): £235 per hour
Minimum hire cost for the building (excluding staff): £1000 per event

Friday evenings and Saturdays / Sundays
During fit-up and rehearsals (minimum 2 hours per day): £90 per hour
For the event (minimum 4 hours hire): £350 per hour
Minimum hire cost for the building (excluding staff): £1580 per event

• All building hire charges listed above include one member of supervisory / technical staff as appropriate.
• Hebden Bridge Picture House will determine the appropriate staffing levels for each element of your hire.
Additional staff are charged at £13.00 per hour (exclusive of VAT), which is added to the building hire fee.
• Non-commercial hirers can request a 30% discount off the building hire fee for Monday to Thursday evenings, which discount may be granted at the Manager’s discretion.


VAT is payable on all charges: the figures shown above are exclusive of VAT.
• Hire periods must include any doors times (guest arrival time before the event starts) and get in and get out periods.
• Erection and demounting of the stage / part stage, changing and focussing the lighting rig and setting up the sound and lighting desks is charged additionally at £13 per hour per person and generally requires two technicians.
• Part hours of more than 15 minutes are charged at whole hours.
• We can help you celebrate your wedding here, with a ceremony in front of your family and friends, but you must legally marry at the Registry Office before / after the celebration, since we do not hold a licence as a wedding venue.
• All hires are subject to the ‘Hire Charges 2021-2022’ document with ancillary hire enquiry conditions on page 3, ‘Conditions of Hire’ document and ‘Technical Information’ document, which are available to download at the bottom of this page. Please also read the Hire Applications and Booking Process document.

In relation to hires for film screenings please note:
• If providing own on-screen content (such as a film you have made or own the exhibition rights to) this will be required in either DCP (Digital Cinema Package) or Blu Ray format and for a public screening will require either BBFC certification or Licensing Authority certification. DCP conversion is available for an additional fee.
• Films on release / still in distribution in the UK and available for cinematic exhibition and screened from Blu Ray might cost around £100 plus VAT plus Blu Ray purchase cost to hire.
• Films on release / still in distribution in the UK and available for cinematic exhibition which are screened from DCP might cost £150 plus VAT to hire (indicative cost only).
• If screening a film to the public for profit the distributors will usually require a % share of the box office, which might be in the region of 35%.

If, having looked through these documents, and ascertained the applicable hire fee you’d like to discuss the possibility of hiring the Picture House please contact the Front of House Manager or Manager on 01422 847287 or email frontofhouse(at)hebdenbridgepicturehouse.co.uk and manager(at)hebdenbridgepicturehouse.co.uk

Download the hire pack documents

Our Hire Charges for 2021-22 can be found here, and please ensure you read the Hire Applications and Booking Process here. Technical and Building Information should be consulted here before making your enquiry. Be aware that all hires are governed by our Terms & Conditions of Hire which you can read here and these are referenced in our hire contract letter.