The Good Boss

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Dir: Fernando León de Aranoa
Cast: Javier Bardem, Manolo Solo, Almudena Amor
Running time: 115 mins
Spanish with English subtitles

Javier Bardem excels as a corporate boss, who will tell you he’s your best friend just as he’s stabbing you in the back, in this ruthlessly funny corporate satire.

Blanco (Bardem) initially appears to be a kindly, if bland, owner of a factory. ‘Don’t treat me like a boss’, he gestures to his employees. But behind the genial façade lies a selfish profiteer. Blanco is all smiles for a visiting journalist and is intent on keeping morale up so he can win a government award. But when he makes a long-serving employee redundant and takes advantage of his latest intern, cracks start to appear in the industrialist’s world.

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