The Disappearance Of Shere Hite

Dir: Nicole Newnham

Feminist researcher Shere Hite changed the discussion around women’s sexuality with her groundbreaking studies in the 1970s and 80s, and her books (including The Hite Report) became best-sellers. But both her methodology and her message came under criticism in the backlash from this popularity, and slowly but surely Shere was ridiculed and squeezed out of the mainstream – and eventually out of popular consciousness.

Director Nicole Newnham (Crip Camp) recovers Shere Hite from the margins of history, feminism and academia, exploring the charismatic former model’s rise and fall from prominence. Using a treasure trove of archive footage, The Disappearance of Shere Hite transports viewers back to a time of great societal change and transformation around sexuality. It rediscovers a pioneer who has had an unmistakable influence on current conversations around gender and sexuality, and asks what led to Shere’s erasure.

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