Sprechen Cinema Presents The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari

Dir: David Lee Fisher
Cast: Doug Jones, Daamen J. Krall, Judson Pearce Morgan
76 mins

Following on from hugely successful & sold out screenings of both Nosferatu & Metropolis, the Sprechen Cinema returns with a new performance alongside a 3rd film to our trilogy with The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari.

Considered the quintessential work of German Expressionist cinema, the film tells the story of an insane hypnotist who uses a brainwashed somnambulist to commit murders. Featuring a dark and twisted visual style, the film plays like a fever dream with sharp-pointed forms, oblique and curving lines, structures and landscapes that lean and twist in unusual angles, and shadows and streaks of light painted directly onto the sets to give a truly visual experience on the senses.

The film has also been re-scored and will be played live by Chris Massey & Richie V via their own extensive record collections to create an ethereal & celestial soundscape that incorporates diverse genres & styles from electronica, drone, Krautrock, psychedelic, synth-wave, kosmiche & much more by artists such as Arthur Russell, NEU!, John Carpenter, Lindstrøm, Konformer, Demdyke Stare, A Certain Ratio, Bill Nelson, Antony Maivvi to name a few.

Come join us & delve into a deep psychedelic psychosis state of mind!

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