'Bedazzled' A Celebration

Doors 3pm
Start time – 3.30pm

Local arts group Music Street present ‘Bedazzled’, a one off special event celebrating the comedy of Pete ‘n Dud, coupled with the pizazz and toe tappin’ jazz of Dudley Moore.

You are hereby invited to the world premiere and one off screening of the only feature length filmed concert of the Dudley Moore Trio. Then things hot up as the devil (Peter Cook) runs rings around Stanley Moon (Dudley Moore) as he chases the one he loves (Eleanor Bron) in the original cult classic, Bedazzled. The event then builds to a rousing crescendo as we welcome the Chris Ingham Quartet for a scintillating live performance of the jazz of Dudley Moore.

So why not join us at the dazzling price of £15/£10 concessions for the whole triple bill and even Moore! at this unique event.

The running order:

3.30pm – Dudley Moore Trio Live In Melbourne 1978
The Dudley Moore Trio goes down under in a newly discovered ‘previously lost’ feature length concert from 1978. Featuring Pete Morgan on bass and Chris Karan on drums.

“My ideal of jazz is a very heavy beat going on, with very relaxed, melodic work on top. Which makes the beat both heavy and light at the same time. It seems to sort of froth over. When you get that kind of combination of tremendous heaviness and tremendous lightness, I think you get real swing. Stomping—but not in the sense that it’s just banging your foot through the floorboards. It’s a sort of incredible floating feeling that one gets”. – Dudley Moore

5.30pm – Bedazzled (Rated 12A)
Prepare to be Bedazzled. See Peter (Cook) on screen and even (Moore) Dudley in a comic retelling of the Faust legend. Set in swinging sixties London, George Spiggott, the Devil (Peter Cook) offers the frustrated young Stanley Moon (Dudley Moore) seven wishes in return for his soul. As Stanley pursues the girl of his dreams; his beloved Margaret Spencer; waitress (Eleanor Bron) the devil makes his screams come true.
Wittily written by Peter Cook with an intoxicating jazz score from Dudley Moore, this 60’s cult classic directed by Stanley Donen will have you thoroughly Bedazzled!

7.45pm The Chris Ingham Quartet
“Chris Ingham is a force of nature. He has contributed immensely to UK jazz in celebrating the music and legacies of countless jazz greats.” – London Jazz News

“As for Dudley, it’s simply that he is an undervalued British musician whose work in the 1960s, as a player and composer, was essentially whitewashed from history as his fame in other areas grew. Our Dudley album and live shows are heartfelt efforts to help address this historical imbalance. I was reading Alan Bennett’s Diaries and he remarked, in his entry soon after Dud passed in 2002, at how little had been said about his prowess as a musician. Everyone who was lucky enough to encounter it first-hand was dazzled.” – Chris Ingham

“Swing, humour and poignancy…a jazz joy” **** MOJO

“Unfailingly tuneful and spiced with gentle harmonic guile…Dudley would have been delighted” **** OBSERVER

“Classy product . . . with plenty of the right kind of swing.” – Jazz Journal

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