Ticket Prices & How To Buy Tickets

New prices as of 1 April 2024 See our statement here

Off-Peak Films, for which the adult ticket price is reduced, and to which children under 3 may be admitted (subject to the film’s BBFC rating), are those on Thursday morning (Elevenses), Parent & Baby screenings (under 1s only) and early afternoon (family film) matinees.

Live Arts is our name for events (such as theatre, opera, ballet and music productions) which are either broadcast live or recorded live specially for screening in cinemas. Live Arts prices for most content types are £21/£19/£17

Members receive discounts on all films and live arts events. Find out more about our Membership scheme. Members who are entitled to concessionary price entry will receive the Member discount off the applicable concessionary price – please show proof of concession and your Membership card when buying tickets / bring these with you if buying tickets online.

Special events may be priced differently.

Buying Tickets
1. Tickets for the cinema should be bought in advance, unless you have no internet access and cannot buy in person from the cinema ahead of time. An online transaction can be abandoned before payment has been made. Advance tickets (for a future screening) can only be purchased at the in-cinema counter when a screening is in progress (up to 30 minutes before the end of the evening film).
2. Purchasers of tickets on the door should arrive 30 to 45 minutes before the feature start time. Please note we cannot guarantee we won’t have sold out of tickets ahead of the screening.
3. Proof of status and identity for concessionary or discounted tickets may be required at any time.
4. We sell the stalls (downstairs) seats first, and then release tickets for the balcony if the need arises.
5. Seats are identified by row letter and seat number and all seats sold are allocated at the time of sale. Please sit only in your allocated seats.
6. QR codes are now in use in place of tickets. You don’t need to print your QR code ticket out if you have a smart phone. We will electronically scan your booking QR code from your phone screen (or print out) at the door.
7. Please enter the cinema with all members of your group present as one QR code covers your entire booking.
8. Latecomers will be admitted up to 15 minutes after the film / live arts broadcast start time. Thereafter late admission is at the discretion of the Duty Manager.
9. Tickets cannot be exchanged or money refunded, other than in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Duty Manager. For online bookings, once tickets have been purchased we are unable to cancel the order.
10. If you are feeling unwell, please don’t visit us. If after you book the tickets you become unwell please contact the cinema for a credit equal to the face value of the tickets to be added to your customer account as soon as possible by emailing info@hebdenbridgepicturehouse.co.uk, and at the latest by 8pm on the day prior to the screening, giving your name and booking reference.

Age Restrictions & Children and Young People in the Cinema
1. Entry to films and events is restricted by the classification given by the British Board of Film Classification (see www.bbfc.co.uk) or others. We will refuse admission to anyone (including babes in arms) who is below the minimum age required by the relevant classification. We may require you to prove your age with appropriate photographic ID in relation to 12A, 15 or 18 films or purchasing alcohol.
2. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian and should be supervised at all times.
3. Whether children aged 12 to 15 & young people aged 16 and 17 are accompanied is at the sole discretion of their parent or adult guardian who shall at all times remain responsible for the children / young people, whether present or not.
4. Babies under the age of one year are welcome for free at off-peak film screenings (morning and early afternoon screenings offered at off-peak prices) providing that:
i. they sit on a lap for the entire screening (i.e. do not take up a seat); and
ii. they are taken out of the auditorium should they cause disturbance to other customers; and
iii. the film is classified as U, PG or 12A.
5. Toddlers aged 1 and 2 are welcome at off-peak film screenings (morning and early afternoon screenings offered at off-peak prices) providing that:
i. a free ticket has been booked for them to secure them a seat; and
ii. they are taken out of the auditorium should they cause disturbance to other customers; and
iii. they remain seated during the screening; and
iv. the film is classified as U, PG or 12A.
6. Children aged under 3 cannot be booked into / brought to the cinema other than for off-peak film screenings (morning and early afternoon screenings offered at off-peak prices) and Parent and Baby screenings (only for babies under the age of one year).
7. Not all screenings which are certified U, PG and 12A are aimed at children, even if the BBFC age certificate is appropriate.
8. Screenings advertised as ‘Parent and Baby screenings’ are only for parents, grandparents and carers and their babies under the age of one year. You will not be admitted without a baby.
9. For the safety and enjoyment of all customers, customers are asked to prevent their children from moving around the auditorium during a screening.

Booking Fees for online ticket sales are 50 pence per ticket, subject to a maximum booking fee of £2 per transaction. This booking fee goes some way towards our online box office running costs. No booking fees are charged for sales of gift vouchers or memberships.

All customers are deemed to accept our Terms of Admission, which are here and are displayed in the noticeboard outside the Box Office doors at the cinema.